Running Injury Rehab Guides

Are you suffering from a running injury? Or do you have some lingering pain that affects your running? Or you must at least know a runner that is dealing with an injury. According to the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, nearly 70% of runners will become injured (ref).plantar fasciitis

The smart folks at E3 Training Solutions have published a list of Basic Rehab Guides for Common Running Injuries. It covers everything from IT band to plantar fasciitis to shin splints to knee pain. What I love most about these guides is that they take a more holistic approach to truly rehabilitating the area. They are not just concerned with getting the pain to stop, but with making the physical changes necessary to prevent, or at least greatly decrease, the chances of the injury recurring.

Each guide includes stretches, mobility exercises, and strength exercises. Most of the steps include a video so you can see exactly how to do the exercise. Very little equipment is necessary for most of the guides, though you may need a lacrosse ball, medicine ball, or exercise band.

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