Pose Running Form Resources

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Pose Running Books

The Running Revolution: How to Run Faster, Farther, and Injury-Free–for Life
The latest book from Dr. Romanov, The Running Revolution provides runners of all abilities with a safe and effective process to convert to Pose running form. The book includes step-by-step lessons, exercises, and stretches to help you transition and includes many images and illustrations to clearly communicate the forms and positions prescribed. Bonus bits include a discussion of running shoes and a guide to analyze your own form on video.

Dr. Nicholas Romanov’s Pose Method of Running (Dr. Romanov’s Sport Education)
The book that introduced the world to Pose running form, Pose Method of Running provides a detailed explanation of all aspects of proper running form. While The Running Revolution provides a quick and clear transition program, this book goes into significant detail about Dr. Romanov’s search for and development of the Pose technique. You will learn the important underlying concepts of Pose including muscle elasticity, developing your senses, developing flexibility, and correcting common running errors. A massive number of exercises are also described with drawings of each. While this book isn’t where you should start your journey to Pose, it is an important resource for mastery.

Pose Method of Running Companion Drill Book
This small booklet is a companion to the Pose Method of Running video. While it may offer limited usefulness by itself, its purpose is to remind you of the drills you learned from the video. The booklet can easily be taken to the track to quickly provide instructional cues where watching the video isn’t possible.

Ready to Run: Unlocking Your Potential to Run Naturally
Although Ready to Run isn’t specifically about Pose running, it does have numerous connections to Pose. Author Dr. Kelly Starrett is a Pose runner and Pose is mentioned a few times in the book. The mobility and strength that the book promotes will quite specifically support the Pose runner. A large part of the incorrect running form so often seen is the fact that limited flexibility and muscle imbalances caused by our daily activity (or lack thereof) forces us into poor running form. This book will prepare your body for the demands of improving your running form as well as prevent injuries commonly found in runners by focusing on 12 straightforward performance standards.

Unbreakable Runner: Unleash the Power of Strength & Conditioning for a Lifetime of Running Strong
Unbreakable Runner is also not specifically about Pose running form, but this book too will better prepare you for running Pose. While much of the book covers Crossfit Endurance training programs, at least a third of the book applies nicely to all Pose runners, regardless of your training philosophy. Author Brian Mackenzie discusses proper running form, which is indeed Pose form although it is never labeled as such in the book. Mackenzie did study under Dr. Romanov and teaches Pose as part of CFE doctrine. The book also presents a number of running form drills, many of which mirror Pose drills. The middle of the book introduces a number of important strength exercises for runners, and this is where this book really shines. To truly be an “unbreakable” runner requires strength of muscles and ligaments covering much of the body. For most runners I would bet that these exercises are either new to you or ones you would not think of as having much relation to running, and that is why this book is important to have in your library. Embrace the kettlebell, deadlift, and front squat to minimize the potential of missed training from injury.


Pose Running Videos

Pose Method® of Running technique
Pose Method of Running DVD is an important companion to the book of the same name. While it is expensive, the DVD shows you exactly how to perform the drills prescribed in all of Dr. Romanov’s books. Too often the text can’t adequately explain the correct form and the video does a great job of filling in the details. I’d recommend getting this video, watching it a few times, and then re-selling on Amazon to get half your money back as there is seldom a used copy to purchase online.
12-week Transition Program: Progress to Pose Running Pose Tech has launched a great YouTube channel called “12-week Transition Program: Progress to Pose Running.” The video series includes tutorials on Pose form, drills, exercises, and form evaluation techniques. Cost is $4.99/month but you get 2 weeks free to preview the program. Each video covers a single topic so you can easily digest and then practice one piece at a time. The videos are very well-produced and professional. And they are much more effective on top of the books since you will be able to see exactly what Dr. Romanov was talking about in his Pose prose.

Pose Running Tools

Seiko DM51S Clip-On Metronome
This is a great metronome for practicing your running cadence. You can easily adjust it to the desired tempo and change the volume. Most importantly, it can clip onto your shorts, shirt, or pack so you can run hands-free. I recommend this over using a metronome on your phone since you really don’t want to run holding you phone.

Jump Rope – Fast Speed Cable
A jump rope offers a few benefits for the runner. First, it will help strengthen the feet, Achilles, and calves, all of which will be tested in your transition to Pose. Second, there are some greate Pose form drills you can do with a jump rope to encourage proper pulling form. Finally, you can practice increasing your cadence with the jump rope. Remember that in addition to the typical two-footed jump rope techniques, you can also alternate feet to more closely mimic running. This inexpensive and versatile tool is a must.

Pose Running Websites

Pose Method PoseMethod.com is the official (new) website of Dr. Romanov and Pose running form resources. The site includes links to his YouTube video series, books, clinics, and coaches.
CrossFit Endurance CrossFit Endurance has a list of great running resources that are specific to Pose. The list includes videos on Pose running form, running drills, and information on a variety of aspects of running. Plus it includes links to videos on body mechanics that are relevant to runners. This is an excellent resources completely independent of CrossFit, and well worth a peak.
Pose Tech Pose Tech has somewhat been replaced by the new Pose Method website, but Pose Tech has such a large amount of information that it is still relevant and worth checking out. The site includes a large number of articles by Dr. Romanov, discussions of shoe selection appropriate for Pose, and articles on running-related injuries.