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As a busy entrepreneur and dad who is dedicated to running competitively, I am always looking for the smartest way to get something done. This is true for training, racing, nutrition, gear, mental preparation, and more. Sometimes the smartest way saves time, or is more effective, produces better results, is more convenient, costs less, or simply feels better. The smartest answer may be different for different people, so my goal here is present options and not simply preach my choices.

The “smartest” is also a moving target. New research, new theories, and new products are always changing the landscape. And too often you’ll find conflicting information on the same topic. I won’t always have the singular answer, but will endeavor to help you make a smart choice. Let's get better, faster, together.

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RICE vs MEAT: The fastest road to recovery

For decades, the prescription for any type of soft tissue injury has been RICE – rest, ice, compression, and elevation. And often the use of NSAIDs like Ibuprofen was encouraged alongside. The goal of the RICE method and Ibuprofen is to decrease inflammation and manage pain. These may seem logical, but by digging deeper we…[Continue Reading]

Pose Running Resources

Pose Method

I have just published a page of Pose Running Form Resources that should be helpful to anyone starting to learn Pose or currently working through a Pose transition. The page includes books, videos, tools, and links that will help anyone in their transition. If you have any additional resources I should include on this page,…[Continue Reading]

3 Best Core Exercises for Runners

Do you religiously perform situps because you understand that a solid core is important for running? Well, you are half correct, but may be wasting your time repetitively folding yourself in half. While core strength is certainly not neglected in most runners’ weekly workout routines, the critical role this muscle set plays in running is…[Continue Reading]

5 Fun & Effective Treadmill Workouts

Treadmill Running

So the blizzard killed your run training this week. And if you are like me, going without the necessary weekly runs makes you a bit cranky. There is always the treadmill, but that doesn’t offer nearly the satisfaction, free air, visual stimulus, or freedom of an outdoor run. But don’t despair. I’ve pulled together 5…[Continue Reading]

Improving Running Speed – The Secret of Cadence

fast running cadence form

Within all of the swirling talk of minimalist shoes, barefoot running, and Chi, there has been a constant that seems to have flown under the radar. One common thread in all of the latest running theories is the importance of a high running cadence. It just might be that no matter what shoes you wear…[Continue Reading]

Running Injury Rehab Guides

plantar fasciitis

Are you suffering from a running injury? Or do you have some lingering pain that affects your running? Or you must at least know a runner that is dealing with an injury. According to the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, nearly 70% of runners will become injured (ref). The smart folks at E3…[Continue Reading]

Planning Your Race Schedule for Optimum Performance

ultra race calendar

If you want to maximize your performance, enjoyment, and fun racing trails and ultras this year, you can’t afford to just wing-it. Your racing schedule must take into account which races that important to you, focused training, adequate recovery, race preparation, and race registration. The simple spreadsheet template provided below will help you schedule all…[Continue Reading]

Is Ibuprofen Safe for Runners?

Advil and Blueberries

I’ve heard many runners over the years talk about using ibuprofen and other NSAIDs before, during, and immediately after races and hard workouts. The theory is that the drug will do its job at masking the pain, allowing the runner to push a bit harder. Runners also use it post-race to help deal with the…[Continue Reading]


Relentless Forward Progress: Book Review

Relentless Forward Progress

If you want to run ultramarathons, you absolutely must read Relentless Forward Progress, A Guide to Running Ultramarathons. In fact, it ought to be a law. However, not all of the book is ultra gold. RFP (as it is known) offers tips on everything from running trails to race day nutrition to ultra gear. The…[Continue Reading]

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